Kaliningrad, March 31 – April 11, 2022: ‘Free Birds of the united Flock’ Assembly

Dear friends, TM teachers, siddhis and meditators!

From March 31 to April 11, a wonderful the ‘Free Birds of the united Flock‘ Assembly will take place, which coincides with the spring holidays of Navratri. We invite all those who have not yet decided on participation in this Assembly to make a choice, because there are only a few places left.

Place and dates

Location : The rally will take place on the coast of the Baltic Sea, in the most beautiful resort town of the Kaliningrad region, Svetlogorsk.

How to get there : The best way to get from the railway station or Kaliningrad airport to the hotel in Svetlogorsk is by taxi. Travel time 30-35 minutes. The cost is approximately 600-700 RUB.

Dates : From March 31st (arrival) to April 11th (departure) 2022, eleven nights in total.

Checkout time: 14:00 – check-in, 12:00 – check-out. Check-in earlier than check-out time is possible if there is a prepared room, check-out later than check-out time, if possible.



In the program of the meeting:

  1. Deep Collective Meditations
  2. TM Siddhi Programs
  3. Maharishi Lectures
  4. Yoga Asana Lessons

Planned walks and a collective swim in the waters of the Baltic Sea!

When recruiting a group of people who wish, an additional tour of Kaliningrad will be organized.

Special Program

For the first time, unique scientific research will be carried out at our Assembly:

  1. Mechanisms of the brain in the process of TM and the TM-siddhi program;
  2. Healing changes in the cognitive and emotional spheres before and after the Assembly;
  3. Changes in physical and mental energy levels and stress levels.

Cost of living and meals

A fully comfortable hotel will be rented for the Assembly, so the number of places is limited. Vegetarian food is provided.

Double rooms

a) Accommodation for 2 people

2500 RUB per day (or 27,500 RUB for 11 days)

b) Accommodation for 1 person (subject to availability)

3600 RUB per day (or 39,600 RUB for 11 days)

Family standard of 2 adjoining rooms

a) 3-bed accommodation

2 people in one room and 1 person in another room

2700 RUB day (or 29,700 RUB for 11 days)

b) 2-bed accommodation (subject to availability)

3700 RUB per day (or 40,700 RUB for 11 days)

Family comfort from 2 separate rooms

a) 4-bed accommodation, 2 people in a room

2700 RUB per day (or 29,700 RUB for 11 days)

b) 3-bed accommodation (subject to availability)

When one person stays in a room

3800 RUB per day (or 41800 RUB for 11 days)

Scientific research

Complex of scientific research – 1500 RUB

Advance payment of 100% should be made before March 24 .

Payment details will be sent to each participant personally after receiving the application and questionnaire.

Application for participation

To participate in the Assembly, call the number:

+7 910 545-34-15



Our friendly, coherent team.

Ask your question via WhatsApp:

Igor Vasilievich Reverchuk

Inspirer and Leader, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, Head of the Laboratory of Neurosensory-Motor Disorders, Senior Researcher at the Genomic Research Center of the Baltic Federal University. Immanuel Kant

Lilia Timofeeva

TM Governor, Head of the Ayurveda and Panchakarma Health Center (Maloyaroslavets)

+7 910 545-34-15 WhatsApp

Tamara Panyukova

TM Governor (Krasnoyarsk)

+7 913 554-11-19 WhatsApp

Larisa Chauvansi

TM Governor (St. Petersburg)

+7 921 772-79-70 WhatsApp

With best wishes of Love, Peace and Kindness,

“Creation” independent team of TM Governors, siddhas and meditators of Russia 

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