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Lack of discrimination leads to endless difficulties

The all-blissful, omnipotent Lord dwells in the hearts of everyone, inseparable from all.
Even so, people seem to be unhappy and to lack peace. Yet all of the unhappiness and ’
turbulence in the world is due to only one thing—lack of discrimination. The treasure
house of peace and happiness, Bhagavan, resides within, but because of lack of
discriminative thinking, people search outside here and there for peace and happiness.
They think that acquiring various physical things will lead to happiness, when this is
actually the root cause of all misery.

What more can be said when even Draupadi herself was deluded? When

Dhushasana leapt up and began trying to disrobe her, she turned to eaéh one of her great

warrior husbands, and also to the great father Bhishma. When nobody could move from
their seats to help, then Draupadi understood that in her time of trial, no one could be of
real assistance. Even the greatest physical strength will be useless at such a time, and all
one’s supporters will turn their faces away. Realizing her helpless situation, she
remembered Bhagavan Krsna and she called out to him, “Protector, O Dweller in
Dwaraka!” V

Now, think on this: if Draupadi had been using right discrimination, she would
not have addressed the Lord as one who stays in Dwaraka. Bhagavan is ever-present

within one’s own heart. Instead of seeing God within herself, she called Him from
Dwaraka. This is lack of discrimination. Not to consider the omnipotent Lord as
Omnipresent is the greatest of non-discrimination. Just because of this, people suffer
greatly and fail to receive the grace of God.

‘Only when Draupadi’s sari started growing did she understand that the Lord had
come. Then she said, “Bhagavan, you delayed a bit in coming.” Bhagavan replied,
“Draupadi, I was in fact right next to you, but you called me from Dwaraka. So first I had
to go there and then come back, which was the reason for the delay.”

It is clear that Bhagavan is omnipresent and is ready always to shower his grace
on his devotees.

Ye yathd mdm prapadyante tdmstathaiva bhajdmyahaml

“Whoever worships me in whatever way, so do I accept it262.” This is the pledge –
of Bhagavan: Bhagavad Gita 4.11.

Carry out your spiritual practice with conviction in the all-pervading nature of
Bhagavan and become a fit vessel for his grace. Then you will be free from unhappiness
and anxieties once and for all.

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