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One Who has forgotten his goal will miss the path

The ultimate goal of human life is to obtain the all-blissful, the omnipotent, the very
essence of knowledge: Paramatma. One who always remembers the supreme goal and
follows the path laid down by veda-s and Sastra-s in order to achieve it—who engages
his whole being, his body, senses, mind, intellect, etc., according to the path laid down in the Sastra-s, and thus strictly leads his life according to dharma—he alone in reality is using his free will properly, and he alone is really fortunate. Only such a person will be able to fulfill all his desires, and he will definitely reach his ultimate goal, without any

Once you have determined your ultimate goal, seek the help of an expert in that
subject. Endowed with faith, make one such person your guide so that you can benefit
from all his experience. Be diligent so that all your life’s activities are in harmony with
the achievement of your ultimate” goal and do not become a hindrance.

Every moment of life you should be alert, lest you stray from your path. Do not
forget that your daily affairs can lead to the ultimate. If your daily affairs are in accord
with your eligibility as dictated by the s’astra-s, they will hasten your progress toward
your goal. If your mind becomes entrapped in sense experience and becomes a slave to its
desires, then your daily affairs will not be in accordance with the limits set by the s’astra.
They will remove you from the right path and will take you away from your ultimate

Consequently, it is necessary to always remember your ultimate goal, follow the
guidance of an experienced guru, and—ever alert—act in accordance with the path of
reverential surrender to the guru’s feet.

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