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Have faith in prarabdha for your livelihood

We are certain to get w ver is our fate. No one else can get it. This is an
infallible law according to the Karma Mimamsa Sastra. I have experienced this many
times myself. Your fate followdyfilifidnhabitable forest, where no
human can (Wen begirnagined. Commencfi? arma’s effec will also follow there. When
/prdrabhdha over, thenth\el:odyyill’be cast off. One thing is certain, that as long as
g one is embodied, commenced karma must be experienced. There is no doubt about this.
K’Vliherefoi’e, to be worried about one’s own ability and welfare indicates one’s
forgetfulness about his past accumulations.
Whatever has been earned, in the past will remain available. Whatever money has
been deposited in the bank can be withdrawn. What is to doubt about it? As for the
money you deposit in samsdra—sometimes a bank can fail, and go under—but the fruits
of your actions will be deposited in a bank that can never fail. That is the inexhaustible
treasury of the omniscient, omnipotent One, in whose accounts there cannot be any
mistake. Therefore, whatever you have done, you must experience the results, bit by bit.

Ignorance person just because he is giving you food and clothing. (f/dkara khd? tdkar duhal
Cuhaaii to invoke or the act of milking. It may be a mildly vulgar folk saying.
Whatever comes to you is your commenced karma to be experienced. But
whatever comes along should be experienced with discrimination. The only difference ‘
between a human being and an animal is that the animal cannot discriminate between
what is proper and improper. As you are all human beings, you should discriminate
between proper and improper action as you conduct your daily affairs.

Never let social pressure (or shyness) lead you to act in such a waythat you will
accumulate sin, which will. spoil the path ahead. Whatever actions you have carried out,
earlier, you are experiencing their fruits. Taking a lesson from this, improve your future

by acting in the best way now, Don’t start supporting both thegood and l)wa a

Dogs act like that. A human being should act only withkdiicli’mjia‘ ion. Suppo only
proper actions, and if you cannot oppose improper actions, at least remain neutral.

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